New Braunfels Tubing Information

Tubing season has arrived in New Braunfels! The Comal and Guadalupe Rivers are world-famous for some of the best tubing experiences in Texas.

Tubing and River Rafting:

Ready to go tubing in New Braunfels? Pick your adventure!

  • BYOT: Bring your own tube and take advantage of our Public River Parks, Access, and Exits.
  • River Outfitters: Bring your sunscreen, a good attitude, your beverage of choice, and let a local outfitter take care of the rest! River Outfitters provide tube rentals, parking, transportation to and from your car, life jackets, and more to make your river float easy and fun. Contact an outfitter for up-to-date information about current river conditions.
  • Click here for tips on navigating slower flow  

    The dog days of summer are here and a float on the beautiful Guadalupe River or spring-fed Comal River is one of the coolest places to be.

    Average float times on both rivers are ranging from 3-4 hours depending on entry point. Plan the best float with these tips!

    • Get on the river early. Morning is optimal.
    • Plan ahead for a longer trip in the hot sun. Stay hydrated by drinking water before you arrive and bring water with you on your float. And don’t forget the sunscreen.
    • Be prepared to paddle in some areas of the river, particularly on the Comal River around Hinman Island Park before the world-famous tube chute.
    • Check with river outfitters for adjusted operating hours due to seasonality.
    • Follow the river rules and help keep our rivers clean. No disposable containers—think plastic cups, cans, baggies. No glass or foam containers. Leave them at home and use non-disposable containers—think thermos, Igloos, Yeti’s, and Tupperware to pack food and drinks. Please pack out what you pack in!

Other Water Recreation:

River Rules & Safety:

River Rules 2024


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  • Comal River

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  • Guadalupe River

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Alcohol Banned?  

    No, All we require is that you are of legal drinking age, that you drink alcohol responsibly, and that you drink all beverages from a NON-DISPOSABLE container if you’re INSIDE THE CITY LIMITS. There are tons of options for non-disposable containers, like insulated tumblers, canteens, and reusable jugs. The same requirement applies to the food you bring on the river inside the City Limits. We encourage all visitors to act responsibly and help keep our rivers clean and safe!

  • What To Bring  

    1. A Good Attitude - We get it, being in the hot sun with a crowd can cause some rudimentary behaviors to arise. Be smart, keep cool, and remember we are all here to have a good time. 

    2. Proper Footwear - the river is a naturally flowing body of water. As such you can expect to encounter rocks, silt, floating vegetation, muddy embankments, and other natural elements. 

    3. Sunscreen & Shade - Apply before you depart and while on the water. A hat helps keep you cool and out of the sun. 

    4. Hydration - Responsibly enjoying a cold friendly beverage is a great way to enjoy our waterways, just be sure to follow it up with adequate H20 and electrolytes.

    5. Water Proof Phone Case/Lanyard/Dry Sack - While the rivers are a great place to reconnect with nature, we know most everyone chooses to bring their valuables and electronics with them on the water. Please, please, take only what you will need for your river adventure. Leave the jewelry, extra keys, and wallets at home. Anything you do bring should be protected from the elements.


  • Parking  

    We recommend using one of our preferred River Outfitters which typically have on-site or no charge parking with shuttle services. 

    Prefer to do it on your own? No problem, visitors are welcome to park at Prince Solms Park for $20, Hinman Island for $30 and Elizabeth Ave for $10. To save time, download the ParkMobile app before arriving. (Parking fees only apply between May 1st and Labor Day, 8AM-7PM.)

  • Costs & Fees  

    Expect to spend $15-22 per person, including shuttle, tube rental, and fees. Most outfitters require a drivers license or credit card to hold as a rental deposit.

  • Rules - Inside City Limits  

    • No disposable containers
    • No glass
    • No foam containers
    • No littering
    • Lifejackets are recommended for weak swimmers and children under eight, PFD’s will be provided to tubers/citizens free of charge w/ deposit at river outfitters
    • No volume drinking devices
    • No containers under 5 fluid oz.
    • Noise devices may not be audible beyond 50 feet
    • No jumping from bridges, dams, or trees
    • Coolers must have a locking mechanism on the lid (zipper, Velcro, latch, cord) with a maximum size of 30 quarts and 1 cooler per person
    • Inflatable devices cannot exceed five feet in length or width
    • Vessels on the rivers may not be over 18 feet in length
    • When the river flow is above 500cfs, it is mandatory for all children under eight years of age to wear a lifejacket
    • When the river flow is above 750cfs, it is mandatory for all individuals to wear a lifejacket
    • When the river flow is above 1000cfs, tubing is not allowed. The only allowed recreation is raft trips & kayaks
  • Rules - Outside City Limits  

    • No glass
    • No foam containers
    • No littering
    • No containers under 5 fluid oz.
    • No jumping from bridges, dams, or trees
  • Can I jump off area bridges, trees, or other natural or manmade things into the river or onto the ground?  

    No. It’s against the law and you will be cited. Law Enforcement personnel patrol the rivers and nearby parks/structures. Keep it cool, stay in your tube and enjoy the float. 

  • I’m not so sure I’m gonna be able to do this…  

    Please consider any age or physical limitations you or others in your party may have before entering our rivers. Safety on any Texas waterway is your own personal responsibility. Swim at your own risk.

  • I want to bring my kids. What about that?  

    Kids are welcome. They should know how to swim and be over the age of 3 to float the Comal or over the age of 6 to float the Guadalupe. We recommend Sundays and/or weekdays as KID FRIENDLY DAYS! Outfitters have life jackets available for all ages, just ask. 

  • Are pets allowed on the rivers in New Braunfels?  

    There are no local ordinances prohibiting pets on the Comal or Guadalupe Rivers in New Braunfels. However, independent river outfitters may have their own rules regarding animals on their property, equipment, or shuttles. Please check with your outfitter before bringing your pet along! Remember that hot vehicles can become deadly for animals, so you can’t leave yours waiting while you float.

  • Is there a person I can talk to about this?  

    Sure! Contact any of our preferred River Outfitters on the Comal or Guadalupe River. They’ll have up-to-the-minute information about river flows, rules, parking, and more.