Fishing on the Guadalupe River 

New Braunfels is known for its summer water recreation, but the fun doesn't end when school starts. Our rivers are a hot spot all year long, even when the temperatures are too cold for tubing. The Guadalupe River is known for some of the best fly fishing in Texas and is one of the top 100 trout streams in the United States! 

A man holds a large rainbow trout caught from the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX
Credit: Action Angler & Outdoor Center

Cold water is released from the Canyon Lake dam, making the waters of the Guadalupe River cold enough for rainbow and brown trout to survive year-round. In fact, the Canyon Tailrace on the Guadalupe River is the only freshwater stream in Texas that is cold enough for trout to thrive outside of the winter months.

Guadalupe River Trout Stocking 

The best time for trout fishing in New Braunfels is winter. Every year, Texas Parks & Wildlife stocks the Guadalupe River with thousands of beautiful rainbow trout. Stocking starts in late November and continues until early March. The trout are released in New Braunfels into the Guadalupe River below the Canyon Lake Dam and at Whitewater Camp, the 3rd and 4th River Road crossings, and Camp Huaco Springs. 

These locations make New Braunfels the perfect spot for your home base. There's nothing like ending a full day of fishing by winding down with a hot beverage or a stiff drink in the comfort of a bed and breakfast or a cozy cabin overlooking the river.

Trout Fishing & Fly Fishing Tips

For a hassle-free fishing experience, call up a river fishing outfitter like Action Angler & Outdoor Center, the only stream-side guide service in Texas. Whether you're an experienced fisherman or just learning the ropes, outfitters will help you choose the best tackle and gear for a successful day on the water. Most outfitters and guides also rent equipment.

Fishing in a river is different from fishing in still waters like a lake or pond. Trout tend to stay in one spot and often find shelter among logs or rocks. A fishing guide that knows the Guadalupe River knows the best spots for casting a line, and of course, they'll teach you how to fly fish or sharpen your skills with expert tips and tricks. Rainbow trout in the Guadalupe love cheese, worms, minnows, and even colored marshmallows, but lures are highly effective as well. Guides can help you select the best bait and artificial lures, whether you're fishing for trout, bass, or other fish.

A rainbow trout is caught & released on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX. Via odomonthefly on Instagram.
Credit: @odomonthefly

Trout Stocking Schedule & Limits

Texas Parks and Wildlife announces the stocking dates and locations in mid-November. The first date is usually late November or early December and the last date is usually in early March.

Trout anglers over the age of 17 are required to have a fishing license with a freshwater stamp unless fishing in a Texas State Park. You can catch and release all you want! In most areas, anglers are allowed to keep 5 trout per day. Special limits may apply to certain sections of the Guadalupe River.

For locations, dates, license requirements, and more details, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.



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