Guadalupe River

Down along the Guadalupe, In New Braunfels! The Guadalupe River has headwaters near Kerrville, TX where it eventually flows into Canyon Lake, then it is released; creating what most Texans know as the epicenter for summer tubing and year round fishing! Many visitors stay along River Road and enjoy the Guadalupe or "Guad" as the locals call it, from their campsite or cabin.

Water Oriented Recreation District Recommended Recreational Flows:

Up to 500 cfs   Recreational
500 - 750 cfs   Challenging
750 - 1000 cfs   Strenuous
1000 - 3000 cfs   Extreme Caution; Tubing Not Recommended
3000+ cfs   Dangerous; Guided Rafts Suggested

For regulations and a travel planner visit

Since the water released from Canyon Lake fluctuates it is best to contact one of our many experienced River Outfittersto ensure you have a great time on the water.

Virual Tour

Take a virtual float down the Guadalupe River with the Fish Views function on the Water-Oriented Recreation District (WORD) website. Click your way down the pristine river and drink in the scenery without the need for sunscreen! An interactive map traces your route along the entire stretch from the dam at Canyon Lake to the confluence with the Comal River in New Braunfels; all while providing valuable water data and waypoint tags along the way.


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