Tube Haus

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  • If you want to experience Texas River Tubing at it's finest, there is only one place to go... Tube Haus! Look for the BIG Texas Flag painted on our Huge Billboard and you'll find the best river tubing and float trips on inner tubes in Texas! We're located at the beginning of "The Famous Horseshoe Loop" section of the Guadalupe River, which is a 1 mile stretch of the river shaped just like a Horseshoe! (Click here to see an Aerial View of the "Horseshoe Loop" and then hover your mouse over the river.) As you look at the Aerial Map of the Horseshoe Loop, you'll see a Bridge at each end of the Horseshoe. If you hover your mouse over each Bridge, you'll see an "info tag" pop up. The Bridge on the left side the "Entry Point" is where you will begin your Float Trip. The Bridge on the right side of the Horseshoe is the "Exit Point" for our "Short Float", if you continue floating past that Bridge, you will float another 1 1/2 miles to the "4th Crossing Bridge" and "Take Out Point", which marks the end of our "Long Float". Floating down the Guadalupe River on inner tubes is fast becoming one of the most socially popular and fun ways to stay cool under the hot Texas sun all summer long!