Tonie Taylor Salon

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  • I definitely have a "hair has always been my destiny" story. My mother was a hairstylist. Growing up, I couldn't wait to be like her. At 5 years old, I practiced big hair and glamorous makeup on dolls and girlfriends. My senior year of high school, I attended a work release program that allowed for cosmetology education. In 1999, I received my cosmetology license from the Institute of South West Texas. I've been practicing hair ever since. I love the beauty industry - the constant change, growth and continuing education is endless. New skills and techniques are ever-evolving. I'm passionate about helping someone look and feel confidently beautiful. Make her look amazing and her confidence and inner strength increased tenfold. Over nearly 20 years in the industry, I strive to stay savvy in the most current trends. I am certified in Cinderella Hair Extensions as well as the well know smoothing system and split end treatment, Brazilian Blowout. I’m a single mom of 3 amazing kids; Garrett (17), Aiden (11), and Kennedy (9.) We stay actively involved in sports, as their current passions lie in swimming, baseball and gymnastics. I'm a Crossfit Crazy! I honestly feel like the best version of myself when pushing my body to the limits that Crossfit allows. I’m also pretty obsessed with Pinterest DIY projects. My Dad and I used to build things together, so crafting has always been a part of who I am.