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The Gentleman's Barber Shop

  • “Sunny” Stearns has over 25 years experience as a barber, hair stylist & make-up artist. She earned her first license in South Korea as a beautician and permanent make-up artist in 1992. Where she opened her first shop in Il Dong, South Korea. “Sunny” then moved to Hawaii in 2000 and was granted a barber / cosmetologist license by the state of Hawaii. She first barbered at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii but then soon realized that the U. S. Navy offered better benefits. “Sunny” transferred over to the U.S. Navy and ended-up barbering at virtually every Navy installation on island spending a majority of her time at the Pearl Harbor, Navy Exchange (NEX). In her spare time she opened her own full service shop in Honolulu. In 2015 “Sunny” retired from the U.S. Navy closed her shop in Honolulu and moved to the GREAT state of Texas. Later that year she was granted duel barber & cosmetologist licenses by the state of Texas. “Sunny” first barbered at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX but her dream was to open her own shop in the New Braunfels area. In order to gain a better insight into what the New Braunfels area needed for a first class barber shop. She quit barbering for the Military and worked for several years at barber / stylist shops in the greater New Braunfels area. The stars aligned in February 2018 and armed with the knowledge she had acquired “The Gentlemen’s Barber Shop” become a reality. Our goal at “The Gentlemen’s Barber Shop” is to provide customers with first class barbering that will have people telling and then asking you, “WOW!!! Who is your Barber?” Barbering and more offered in an old style classic barber shop atmosphere with professional barbers, in a comfortable setting.