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Cory Morrow

  • November 29, 2019
  • 8:00 PM
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  • Doors: 7pm
    Openers: TBA 8pm
    Cory Morrow: 9:30pm

    An Austin legend, by way of Lubbock and his native Houston, Cory Morrow has been a consistent fixture on the Texas Country scene – establishing himself as a pioneer of the growth of the Lone Star State’s brand of Country music in the past decade. Now married and actively touring with a new band, with a renewed outlook on his life and career, Cory is set to release the latest volume of Red Dirt poetry in his musical tapestry. In seventeen years, Cory Morrow has released nine full-length albums and an EP in Spring 2010, selling over 200,000 records, and has entertained audiences across the United States. Listen to Cory Morrow’s music and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the man, because this is one singer who just can’t fake it. When Cory Morrow sings about the emotionally charged breakup of a relationship – you believe him. When he sings about night-life good timin’ – you trust that he’s been there. When he shares wisdom – you know he’s earned it. Because if any single word sums up a performer as multifaceted as Cory Morrow, it’s “authentic.” Cory Morrow’s new release, Whiskey and Pride, is due out Friday, September 14th.