The New Braunfels, Texas product went 37-0 with every victory by fall, including 34 in the first period.

George “GeoJo” Marsh
 George “GeoJo” Marsh (@nb_marsh)

Oklahoma State had more depth at heavyweight Saturday with undefeated Texas state champion George “GeoJo” Marsh.

The New Braunfels product went 37-0 with all of his victories by fall, including 34 in the first period, this past season to capture the 6A title. He only allowed 13 escape points and did not give a single offensive point, according to Wrestling Texas. Marsh previously was the state runner-up and fourth-place finisher.

Marsh, who is 6-foot-2 and 278 pounds, isn’t a typical heavyweight that relies on upper-body strength and throws, according to his New Braunfels coach Adam Sandoval.

“[Marsh] came in with some skills that made him look like a middleweight wrestler,” Sandoval told the San Antonio Express-News. “He could do it at the same speed and the same efficiency as those guys. It’s a huge advantage for him because most (heavyweights) aren’t used to having defend their legs.”

OSU’s 2020 class

No. 10: AJ Ferrari of Allen, Texas (197)

No. 11: Dustin Plott of Tuttle, Oklahoma (184)

No. 13: Trevor Mastrogiovanni of Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey (133)

No. 54: Jakason Burks of Omaha (Burke) in Nebraska (133)

No. 63: Luke Surber of Tuttle, Oklahoma (174)

No. 89: Konner Doucet of Comanche, Oklahoma (285)

No. 100: Daniel Jezik of Coal City, Illinois (197)

Unranked: Alexander Yokubaitis of St. Charles, Louisiana (125)

Unranked: Trevor Dopps of Goddard, Kansas (184)

Unranked: Elise Brown Town of Allen, Texas (165)

Unranked: George Marsh of New Braunfels, Texas (285)

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