So we're hopping on the bandwagon late. Hiccups and Churroholic opened a while ago, right as we were heading out of town. We're now back from a much needed summer escapade and have now gotten a chance to stop by the "new" restaurant.

Hiccups and Churroholic is everything I love smashed together. Asian fusion, comforting pho noodles, and over the top sweet treats that are the definition of "EXTRA." The softly lit interior is made up of industrial steel, exposed pipes, and reclaimed wood. It's perdy, but that's not what is important here.

What's important is this fruity pebbles Original Churro Sandwich ($6.50) dipped in cinnamon and filled with a strawberry cheese cake ice cream that high-school me would have eaten five of and present tense me can eat one and dream of another four.

We ordered another two desserts, the first a chocolate with sprinkles churro with dark chocolate ice cream. The churro was warm, and sweet, with the right amount of cinnamon, and not dry, but a deep fried juicy little ice cream halo. The ice cream was rich and creamy with nuggets of chocolate hidden in it and the two paired wonderfully. The consistency wasn't dry and stale like every churro I am used to but chewy and full like fresh funnel cake at the State Fair.

This took the cake. Churro Sundae, two cut up sugar churros with a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream, and everything else. Whipped cream, caramel, and chocolate drizzles, coconut flakes, and toffee. The churro soaked up the ice cream flavor and each bite was like you were eating a ice cream stuffed churro (hey guys if you read this shoot us a message when the stuffed churro is on the menu!).

Their desserts were great and the Pho wasn't anything to snuff at either. I mean don't you just want to dive into that broth, I'm a sucker for a good clear broth. Filet Mignon and Meatball Pho with rice noodles and the usual suspects for toppers, it didn't knock my socks off but it was a solid bowl of noodles. Our favorite savory dish was the stir fried garlic noodles.

Calling all garlic lovers! The last dish we ordered was the stir fried Garlic Noodles with Shaken Beef, filet mignon, onions, and bell peppers. It must be said, we love garlic, like a lot. And dang, this dish was coated in garlic flavor, with slightly sweet refreshing veggies, and some nice blackened bits on the flavorful filet. If you love garlic you should definitely get this.