The U.S. Travel Association has fought hard to include several major provisions contained in the final package to help travel companies and our workforce in the form of:

  • Loans and loan forgiveness for small travel businesses
  • Federally backed financial assistance for impacted businesses
  • Tax relief to mitigate losses and spur recovery
  • Grants for impacted tourism businesses and airports

They have created detailed documents that outline important and relevant pieces of information that will soon be available for the industry within the CARES Act. You can view the details of the bill and your eligibility for aid here, or use their guide to navigate which part of the CARES Act applies to your organization. The U.S. Travel Association’s website also contains an overview for small business owners that may be helpful. While it may take several days for the federal government and key agencies to work through the fine details of the package, these documents can serve as a foundation to better understand the types of relief that will be available and help answer several of the questions you may have:

  • Who is eligible to receive assistance?
  • What kind of assistance will be provided?
  • How much can my organization receive?
  • How can my organization access the assistance provided under this program?

These documents will be updated and added to their website at